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We are currently hiring to fill 50 empty positions across different areas for a dedicated team working on development of the benipal social e-commerce platform.

We offer a relaxed open plan work environment with no partitions, no cubicles and no false ceilings. Our entire office is dedicated to offering the finest computing equipment available, from our workstations to our switches. Open plan seating lets you communicate and share your ideas across colleagues and with no hierarchy, every employee has an equal voice.

We seek individuals with a high drive for learning, an ability to apply logical thinking to convoluted problems and an overall interest in technology. Your background, degree (s) and work experience does not matter, we seek out individuals that can dedicate themselves to our vision.

We pass our applicants through a six stage process, and based on your unique abilities you may clear the test at any of the rounds. Excellent spoken english is a must and time spent working on the technologies specific to the job position you are applying for is highly recommended. Time spent, as an example could be sitting at home plugging away at Spring app development or at your job, we treat both the same.

Call us in New York at (212) 579-8500 or email human.resources@benipaltechnologies.com with a covering letter telling us why your resume should be reviewed for the position.

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Call :- 0172-402-0098 E-Mail :- human.resources@benipal.com

Search Engineer 5 openings

As Search Engineer, you will work in a team of 8 people and be responsible for Lucene and Solr source code enhancements and development and fine tuning of our existing search algorithms. You should ideally have a Masters degree, speak excellent english and have been working on the Java platform for over a year atleast, whether at a job or on your own. It would be greatly helpful if you also knew what Lucene does.

Requirement :

  • Masters degree in Computing or higher.
  • Excellent knowledge of Java. Ideally should have a Java certification with 85% or higher.
  • Minimum 1 year experience of working on a Linux platform. Excellent spoken english is a must.